Rogue: Beyond The Shadows

Rogue: Beyond The Shadows

Rogue: Beyond The Shadows is the latest RPG I developed for Android, it’s a single player open-world and it’s free-to-play. I’m moving all my gaming projects to a new website I’ll maintain this site for legacy purposes, so anyone would be able to download the Chromebook ISO’s and scripts from my server. This is [...]


Everland: Unleash The Magic

Hello everyone! Maybe a little off-topic, but this project is the main reason where I was a little inactive on this blog and all Chromebook stuff. Everland: unleash the magic is the new 3D epic action-RPG game which I developed for Android phones and tablets. The game takes place in a magical world where the [...]


Google I/O 2012 live!

Will be updated when Google I/O starts


Covering Google I/O 2012

For second year I’ll attend at Google I/O, the annual Google developer conference. Was really hard to get a spot today for Google I/O 2012. After a lot of tries on registration website finally I could get a ticket, was a shot of luck. So, I’ll take some notes, photos and impressions when I’ll be [...]

Golden award with ribbon (vector)

Top GNU/Linux apps for 2011

We’re finishing 2011 and we can’t close this year without a ranking of top apps for GNU/Linux of this year. I’m going to split the ranking into different categories and I’ll write about which apps I think deserve the first place and for what reason. 2011 – Best web server: nginx Nginx (as “engine X”) [...]

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